Take your Dyn365FO Build Pipelines to the next level using Azure DevTests Labs

D365 FinOps PowerSummit – D365Bootcamp

Last Sunday one of the largest events on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps took place at an international level (yes yes, only from #MSDyn365FO), with a duration of three days in which more than 50 speakers participated, all of them recognized professionals and MVPs, the D365 FinOps Power Summit, organized by the people of Power Community.

On this occasion, I was extremely lucky to participate with my friend and colleague Adrià Ariste, obviously. We show a session under the title “Take your Dyn365FO Build Pipelines to the next level using Azure DevTests Labs“.

Because Microsoft has started to remove Tier 1 environments from the subscription (those managed by Microsoft), we show how we can deploy a Build environment for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations using Azure DevTests Labs. This environment can be deployed and removed automatically during the execution of the build pipelines. Finally, we compare the benefits and differences of this solution with other alternatives such as pipelines hosted in azure, or build environments hosted in the cloud (Cloud Hosted Environments).

The most remarkable thing about all this, apart from the session itself, which I think was quite good and left the audience with several ideas in mind to be able to carry out tests related to these technologies, is that it was OUR FIRST SESSION IN ENGLISH. Anyone who knows me knows that languages ​​have never been one of my strengths, and to be honest, I have never been so nervous to give a session like this time, and it was online!!

The result, an experience that I do not regret at all, probably the session could have been better, but it could also have been soooo much worse, fortunately I was perfectly accompanied by the ALM wizard for Dyn365, so everything went well.

I have also received very positive feedback from English-speaking MVP colleagues, whom I warmly thank 😊. At least I know that everything we were telling was perfectly understood.

To finish, here is the link to Adrià’s post in which he explains step by step how to configure the Azure DevTests Labs, as well as the Azure DevOps pipelines, and the video of the session we did.

I sincerely hope you like it, excuse my English and my nerves, and I hope it is the first of many! Here we go!

Adrià’s blog: Azure DevTest Labs powered builds for Dynamics 365 FnO – ariste.info

Take your Dyn365FO Build Pipelines to the next level using Azure DevTests Labs

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