NetCoreConf Virtual 2

NetCoreConf Virtual2 2020

Just a few days ago we lived an intense and interesting weekend thanks to the people of NetCoreConf. For those who do not know, NetCoreConf is a free event on Microsoft technologies that tries to bring quality technologies and sessions to those areas where historically there was no availability to attend an event of these characteristics.

This year, their purpose was to hold events in Barcelona, Valencia, Asturias and finish in great style in Madrid, unfortunately, the current situation forced them to cancel the last two, but this has not stopped them in their endeavor, and they have organized two events, sorry, EVENTS, with capital letters, virtual, and I have been lucky enough to participate in the second of them: NetCoreconf Virtual2 2020.

Before continuing, I want to congratulate and thank Manu, Robert, Adrián and Txema for allowing us to be part of this event. As we have said many times, we are a bit “extraterrestrial” in the world of Microsoft technologies, and at all times we have felt like one of the event. By the way, you have access to all the sessions, which were not few, on the Catzure YouTube channel.

NetCoreConf: Integration strategies for MSDyn365FO

On this occasion we proposed a talk (obviously accompanied by my great friend Adrià) that could have a wider target audience, seeing that this was not an event focused on Microsoft Dynamics as we are used to, so we decided to talk about possible strategies for integration that we can choose based on a series of parameters or options, so that, if one day you find yourself in a project in which you need to integrate with any of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations apps, at least they sound familiar to you. the different options you have.

Once the session is over, you will know at least concepts such as Business Events, DMF API Rest, Data Entities, BYOD

I do not want to extend much more, so I directly leave you with the video of the session (in Spanish). I hope you like it, and any questions or suggestions, you have me available here in the comments, email, Twitter

Estrategias de Integración en Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

As a curiosity, comment that on Sunday a hilarious “Preguntón” took place, in which we were able to play through the Kahoot platform with a series of questions related to the sessions and the event in general, and … I won !!! (Sorry guys, I did not know that the speakers could not participate :S, but I am waiting for my Alexa haha)

Final results of the “Preguntón”

Finally, thank all the attendees who were live during our talk, and here is the link to the GitHub repository with the code we used during the session.

Until next time!!

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