Embed web application in #MSDyn365FO using WebsiteHost control (PU31)

As you may know, version 10.0.7 PU31 has been released in PEAP, and as usual, it comes with many functional and technical news. One new that has attracted me, as you can see in my twitter timeline 😅, is the possibility to add third-party apps directly into Finance and Applications (embed) inside iFrames.

In order to test this new control, I decided to add it to the customers form (CustTable) to be able to see the website that is filled in the contact information of the customer (as primary URL).

The steps we should follow to do it are the following:

Create an extension of the form CustTable and add a new WebsiteHost control to it.

This control has the property URL, and it has to be filled with the URL of the website we want to display.

Create an extension of the Active method of the CustTable DataSource using ChainOfCommand. Doing that, we can change the URL property of the control we have added to the form every time we change the selected record.

Time to test!!! The following screenshots show us the website that we have inserted in the contact information as primary URL.

I know this is not the more productive example, but I think is a good example to show how this new control works. As Microsoft says, this is just the first step toward allowing users with certain privileges to embed apps via personalization, similar to the existing scenario for embedding PowerApps, that is, without needed to develop.

Extra point: The logo of our loved ERP has changed… again! 🤣

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  1. Juan
    Nice blog – new subscriber.

    What is the exact version you have installed. I have upgraded a VM to pltform 31 (7.0.5457.41400) and application version 10.0.7 but I do not see the new Website Host control.

    1. Hi Barry,
      Thank you so much! The version I’ve used was 10.0.7 PU31, but is strange, because I’ve just checked in a 10.0.8 PU32 server, and the control is not there anymore…

  2. Hi Juan, great article. I am having an issue where there seems to be something blocking viewing of my embedded page – when the control loads on my form I get “Requests to the server have been blocked by an extension.” I’m attempting to embed an image coming from either SharePoint or Azure blob storage on a D365FO. Thoughts or suggestions?

  3. Hi Juan, thanks for the great article. Is it possible to embed a report from our report server with Iframe in D365 FO?

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