And now, in English too!

Yes, you have read it correctly! As a New Year’s resolution, I’ve decided to publish in English too. Honestly, languages have never been one of my strengths, but from the moment I started working in Axazure, I’ve been improving my English little by little to the point to be able to have almost fluent conversations with people from other countries without feeling shame for my lousy level (so far) hahaha.

Clearly, publishing in both languages is going to be a huge effort, but I think this is the suitable next step for several reasons.

The first one is, of course, my personal development. By commited myself to write my own ideas and thoughts in English I hope to improve my grammar and vocabulary, and I hope that I can intervine in a more agile way in conversations in this language.

The second reason I decided to write in English is that I will be able to reach out to more people within the community and interact with them, which could be really rewarding for me. Finally, the main objective of having mine own blog is to share my knowledge with the community and help people who needs it, so, the more people can read my posts, the better.

The third reason is my professional development. I am increasingly involved in different international projects. In the last months, I’ve been in constant contact with people from the United States, France, Denmark, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, India, etc. The common link among all these people has been the same, English, therefore is quite clear that is necessary to improve that aspect in every possible way, and I think that one of them could be to share content in this language.

The forth and last reason is, basically, because I want it! 🙂

So, here you are my first post written in both languages. I hope to translate, little by little the posts that I wrote in the past, and of course, keep posting in English the new ones.

As I said at the beginning, languages are not one of my strengths, so I apologize in advance for the mistakes and shit that I can do… 😅

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